Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tightwad Tracey--Jam and Syrup

I have been getting boxes of food from His Food Ministry for several months now, which had accumulated in my freezer because that is mostly what comes in the boxes (a post from the other day) and I was needing space in the freezer, so what did I do?  I made jam and syrup.  And it was super easy, of course, there is no other way.

I had 8- 16 oz. bags of frozen blackberries and 9- 16 oz bags of frozen strawberries.  Out of that came 11 half pints of jam and 5 pints of syrup.  And they are yummy.

All you need is:
liquid pectin  (I bought it on accident, but I liked it)
sugar (and lots of it)
food processor (you don't need one, but it makes the process quicker)
canning jars
cheese cloth or something to strain the berries for the syrup (I ended up using gauze.  Don't worry, it was clean).
a pot big enough for a boil water bath
a pot big enough to cook the mixture in
and finally, the directions that come in the pectin box.

I followed the directions for the jam and everything went perfect and very quickly.

And wouldn't these make great Christmas gifts along with a homemade jarred biscuit mix.

For the syrup, I used the recipe from petticoatjunctionsmom.  She has a bunch of great and easy canning recipes.  I plan on stalking her website frequently.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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