Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Growing Pains

Why is it that when you know something is good for you, you try to run as far away from it as possible?  I know...it is because you most likely need to change something that you are doing to get it.

A little confession time...
I like to sleep but not until I get there.  I really don't like to fall asleep, I think it is a waste of time.  And I think that my family is same way.  Which works out great, right?  Wrong!  When you stay up late, you tend to sleep late and for some reason you never really feel rested.  And that creates laziness, which means not much is getting done or it is getting done at turtle speed.

Scott and I talked this weekend and he made a schedule for the boys.  Boy, do they love it!  (sarcasm added).  I'm not struggling too much.  I don't like following a timed plan because I don't know what to do when we finish early or we finish late, but I will get used to that, it's just my personality.  Fortunately, only one of my boys is like me when it comes to that.  The other two seem to like knowing what comes next and when it is coming.  So I will give you the schedule that Scott made for them:

7a.m.  Get out of bed.
Tyler and Brody “clean” dog water bucket and refill with fresh water every day even though water bucket looks clean.
Seth can get breakfast , then get shower and brush teeth.
Seth feeds dogs and cats

7:30 a.m. Tyler and Brody begin exercise.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday will do Bowflex
Tuesday and Thursday will walk or run 3 miles on treadmill
      Tuesday, Tyler or Brody can sleep  additional ½ hour to wait on other to get done on treadmill.
     Thursday, the other can sleep additional ½ hour.

8 a.m.  Seth will begin school

8:30 - 9:30  a.m.
 Tyler and Brody will begin getting showers and eating breakfast. Cereal or other healthy breakfast.  Not poptarts or pastry.
    Tuesday and Thursday, One or other will have slept later and be the later to eat.

10 a.m. Tyler and Brody begins school

Seth can walk or run 1 ½ - 2 miles on treadmill or bowflex

12:30 Lunch

1 p.m.   Housekeeping education and chores inside the house
             or, chores outside house.

1:45  p.m.   Study or reading time or project making.

2:30  p.m.   playtime

Getting up at 7 is not their idea of a good time but I know eventually it will get easier.  They will learn to go to bed earlier.

I didn't realize how much I would like something so structured.  First, e-mealz for menus, then motivated moms for housework and now a schedule for the boys.  My "word" to describe my year so far would be motivation and I love it.  Anyway, I'm supposed to start school with the older boys soon.  I had a few minutes to spare so thought I would update everyone on what's happening in my day.

Until next time, be blessed.



  1. Tracey, I guess we are both growing in this area! Thanks for sharing. I like the fact that exercise, household chores and free time is scheduled in. Going back to that also. Confirmation from this reading? YES!

  2. I agree with Kathleen. I love that free time & exercise are in the schedule. You really are a motivated momma!