About Me

So...you are here because you are wanting to know who I am or what I'm about.

I don't like talking or writing about myself , so I'll do the best I can.

I am married to a very patient, sweet, loving and passionate man, Scott.  I had a major crush on him growing up but he was just enough older than me that he didn't even know I existed.  After my divorce from my first husband, Scott's mom set us up on a blind date and of course, I was more than excited to be dating the guy I only dreamed would even notice me.  Well the results from the date are history and now we have 3 boys.  Life with boys is soooo very different than I could have ever imagined, but I love it.  They are full of life and love and many opinions.  I guess a little bull headed at times but so aren't we.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  We have homeschooled all of them since the beginning of time.  Not something that I ever saw myself doing because those homeschool moms are weird.  Well...now I'm one of them and I don't mind being weird.  I think it's kinda fun.

Things I struggle with:
  • I am a people pleaser and it really sucks.  I am trying to learn that you can't make everyone happy but what a hard path to walk.
  • I am really bad at time management.  I manage to waste a lot of time planning what to do with my time.
  • I will find a good system and change it or quit it for some odd reason.
My strengths:
  • I think I am good at finding the bright side of a situation most of the time.
  • I love to learn new things.
  • I don't have a problem living my life transparent.
  • I love doing crafts of any kind at any time.  I like to sew, make jewelry and whatever else comes to mind.  
  • I love to bake but don't do it enough.  Maybe I'm afraid I will eat it all.
  • I love to camp.  There is nothing like the smell of campfire and the taste of smores (made with peanut butter cookies instead of graham crackers).
If you want any more information on me, let me know.

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