Update 1/20/13
  • Read through the Bible. I decided to start in Joshua since I have read the first part a gazillion times when I start a "read through the bible" challenge.  I am doing pretty good at sticking to it.
  • I am going to stick to the Motivated Moms schedule.  Sticking pretty good to this.  Some days I skip things because it doesn't seem to need done but I think I am going quick doing that.
  • I am going to deep clean a different floor of my house every month, that way I won't need to spring/fall clean.  Still working in the basement but it is still January for a few more days.  I may move to the boys bedrooms for February instead of the second floor just because their rooms are mess.
  • Project Peacock.  It is amazing to see how ugly I am inside when it comes to serving my husband.  I thought I was a good wife because I get up every morning and get him a hot breakfast and pack his lunch and have a cup of coffee with him while he is eating.  Come to find out, I am pretty selfish.  I have realized that I really don't "read" him.  If I want to hang out with friends in the evening (which doesn't happen often), I hang out and I really don't worry about it because he always says he doesn't care if I go but I found out by really "reading" him that sometimes he really just wants me to stay home and be available for him.  When I realized that, I had an evening planned with a group of friends and when the time came, he wasn't feeling well and I was going to go anyway but I could tell he really wanted me to stay home and baby him.  I will admit, I was a little upset even though he didn't tell me I couldn't go.  I was mad at myself because inside I was upset that he was sick and needed my attention.  How dare him, right?  Well, for now on I need to "read" him and know what he really wants.  
  • School needs to be a primary focus.  Boy do I need to post this on my fridge!
  • I want to start doing more things with my friends and family.  Not a problem at all!
  • I also want to lose 30 pounds or become a size 8 whichever happens first.  I was thinking about this just yesterday.  I don't think I am going to try really hard to make either of things my goal.  I think I am going to exercise and pay attention to my portions and whatever happens, happens.  I guess my new goal would be to fit into all the clothes I have in my closet instead of buying the next size up and to learn to be happy with me.  I don't have clothes that are unreasonable to fit into, really with a little work everything  will be fine.  I have a lot of cute clothes and I don't want to spend the money to replace them.  Not being lazy, just realistic.  And all the sizes are different anyway because stores size things differently.
Until next time, stay blessed.

Original Post:

I don't usually set  New Years Resolutions or any of that stuff because I feel like I am setting myself up for failure.  However, this year I want to do something different for myself.  I am going to set goals.  I don't set goals either for the same reason but for some reason, goals seem more attainable this time.  Maybe I'm maturing.  Maybe I am feeling more confident in myself and learning that I have the Holy Spirit to help me.  I don't know what it is but regardless here it goes.

I will probably be adding things to this list as the year goes on, we shall see.
  • Read through the Bible.  I am going to be honest.  I have never read the whole Bible.  I am going to use the Message version because it reads more like a story and it isn't as thick.  Don't judge me.  I do that enough.  
  • I am going to stick to the Motivated Moms schedule daily because I am tired of having a messy house.  I have high standards because my mom kept a very clean house.  My idea of messy won't be the same as your idea of messy.  But I don't judge your cleanliness when I visit you, so don't worry.
  • I am going to deep clean a different floor of my house every month, that way I won't need to spring/fall clean.  It will always be done on a rotating basis.  And each time will be a little easier.  That schedule is as follows.
    • January-basement, which consists of family room, laundry, storage, dogs, exercise equipment
    • February-1st floor, which consists of den, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room
    • March-2nd floor, which consists of master bedroom, master bathroom, kids bedroom
    • April-kids attic bedroom
    • After that each floor will rotate again.  I think you get the picture.  You know, May-basement, June-1st floor and so on.
  • Project Peacock.  This is probably my favorite.  A few of my friends, Tammy, Charli, and I have decided to do something every day to make our husbands feel special.  It could be anything from fixing his favorite meal, to massage, to just keeping the house cleaned up, to...well you know..."the wifely duty".  (wink, wink)  Project Peacock came a blog post that I had read back on July 26, 2012 from hotholyhumorous, which by the way is a great Christian blog on "the wifely duty".  The reason we are doing this because our husbands work hard so that we can be stay at home moms and sometimes I know I take that for granted and I know that there are so many things that I have let go because I know that he loves me and will always come home to me.  That's sad and I want to show him that I really do appreciate what he does.  I figure there will be some really good things to come out of this.  Like, I will become less selfish for one.  And wouldn't it be really cool to fall madly in love all over again.  You know, that honeymoon stuff.  We are not doing this for any selfish gain or manipulation, it is just because.
  • School needs to be a primary focus.
  • I want to start doing more things with my friends and family.  Maybe once a month, getting together and fellowship. It is fun and sometimes we even do artsy, craftsy stuff.  But we always solve the worlds problems and have a great cup of coffee.
  • I also want to lose 30 pounds or become a size 8 whichever happens first.
I'll keep you posted on the progress.

And if you want to be involved in Project Peacock let me know,  we have a private page on facebook where we can share ideas.  And don't worry, it really is private.

Until next time, stay blessed.


  1. good observations, especially on the hubby and on the weight issue. I think (weight wise) we get caught up on a number on the scale or in our jeans, and what we really need to strive for is to be healthy. And I think our husbands just want that too. and as for your project peacock....great observation! I think our hubbies don't always tell us what they want because they are good guys and they know we need a break sometimes...but i think it's great that you are learning to read his cues and sacrifice some "you" time for some "hubby" time. good job! :)

    1. Thank you, Maria. I knew that Project Peacock would bring out some yuck that I didn't know was hiding in there. I'm sure this year will be full of wake up calls.

  2. I'm laughing about starting in Joshua because I feel the same way. Maybe we should start in Revelation and work our way back!