Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Cleaning

I'm not sure if it's the weather or just in my blood, but I really have this strange nesting feeling.  No, I'm not pregnant or depressed or any other issue that might cause this.  I think it's because my mom used to it, my grandmother used to do it and who knows how far back it goes, you spring clean after the winter and you fall clean after the summer.  I usually don't want to do it but for some reason this year I am very motivated.

I am putting the list on here, mainly because I like to check things off and also the list won't get lost, so I guess you guys can follow me and see my progress.  It won't get it done in a week or maybe even a month but it will get done before the snow starts flying.  Here it goes, I am even putting the things I've already done, so I can mark them off.

pantry cabinet
snack cabinet
pots/pans cabinet
tall top cabinet
sink cabinet

canning/camping shelves
cleaning cabinet
weights/exercise equipment
under steps/cabinets
dog cages
family room/stands
family room carpet

1st floor:
living room cabinets
living room carpet
living room windows
dining room windows
office cabinets
office window
office closet
office rug

2nd floor:
my bedroom carpet
my bedroom windows
my bedroom closet
my bedroom dressers
my bedroom night stands/entertainment center
bathroom window
Tyler and Seth's window
Tyler and Seth's carpet
Tyler and Seth's closet
Tyler and Seth's dressers
Tyler and Seth's shelves

Attic room:
Brody's carpet
Brody's closet
Brody's windows
Brody's dressers
Brody's shelves

Here are some goals for the fall and really forever:

start sticking to my schedule, maybe one day I'll share it
start weight watchers, lose 30 pounds
be more committed to bible reading

make Christmas gifts for:
my mom
my mother-in-law
my step mother
my grandparents

make a pinterest list and do the things I've pinned

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