Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why or How I Started

Where I grew up I knew of one family that homeschooled.  It was my high school biology teacher.  And like some biology teacher, he was a little odd.  He didn't shave and seemed a little "tree huggerish".  I never thought about homeschooling then.

Flash forward several years...I graduated from college and already had one child and a very new marriage and dreams of working for the FBI in the accounting division.  I really didn't care if I had any more kids or not because they were going to spend most of their time in day care any way.

Flash forward about 5 more years...I now have 2 boys and an awesome job doing bookkeeping for my church.  One night at a moms prayer meeting during prayer, I heard "the call".  Honestly, I really thought that God was speaking out loud to the woman beside me and I thought to myself, "Wow, I feel really sorry for her.  I would never want to do that.  How could I give up my dreams to stay home with my kids and be that weird person that homeschools?  Aren't homeschool families really strange?  Glad it's not me".

Guess what?  It was me and I was pretty mad about it.  I didn't think that Scott would agree to it, so I casually brought it up.  I thought maybe God was crazy and didn't know who was messing with.  After all, this is my life, why would He want to mess it up.

Obviously you know what happened or I wouldn't be writing on a homeschool blog hop.  Actually, God really knew what He was talking about, go figure.  It is a decision I would never change.  He started planting the desire for it.  I just couldn't let my oldest go to school yet.  He was just a baby.  Scott and I agreed to do this until 3rd grade.  Don't know why that was the magic grade but it was.  Here I am now with one graduated, one on his was to graduation and a 6th grader.  And our favorite subject is biology (I do shave and I haven't hugged a tree lately).

No, I'm not someone special that has a massive amount of patience and intelligence.  I'm just a country girl that God called to do something that I never thought I would do. The key to success is prayer, first and foremost but also a network of friends that homeschool or that support your decision and are willing to help out when you need encouragement.

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  1. "Boy, I feel sorry for her" - I literally snorted out loud when I read that this morning! You tree hugger.

  2. I'm definitely glad you are a homeschooler...you are probably my biggest cheerleader! ;) I still have your Charlotte Mason book, btw. I'll get it back to you...eventually! ;)

  3. I love the phrase "tree huggerish." And you are so right about needing each other for support. Especially on those days when you wonder what in the world you were thinking...