Monday, April 8, 2013

Motivated Monday

Sorry I didn't update you Friday with a Follow-up Friday post.  I just got busy and ran out of time.  But here we are in another week.  The weekend went way to fast.  I spent the whole day Saturday on Scott's family farm helping prune apple trees.  I quickly found that my talent does not lie in pruning.  I like to cut everything so I demoted myself to ground crew.  I picked up rocks and twigs instead.  I must say, that little area in the field looks pretty good.

This week I planned a couple of play dates.  It looks like we are in streak of some pretty weather that we haven't had for a while.  I do plan to have a little school on the play days, but nothing to deep.

Here is what my week looks like:
  • play dates--Monday and Tuesday
  • Motivated Moms
  • Get Your Aprons on  We are on day 8 and my kitchen looks pretty good.
  • school
  • finish baby quilt
  • make at least 5-8 rings for girls conference donation
What's for dinner:
  • Hamburger Steaks w/ grilled onions
  • Baked pork chops
  • White chicken bbq
  • Crunchy fish
  • breakfast for supper
This weekend will be another busy one, so dinner may consist of sandwiches and left overs.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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  1. I'm going to need two recipes - hamburger steaks with grilled onions and white chicken BBQ. Sounds good!