Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homeschooling Style/Curriculum Choices

I hope you're enjoying this blog hop.  Remember, if you know someone who may be interested in homeschooling send them on over to read.  With the topics being covered, I think there are answers to a lot of questions.  If you have any questions, here is a facebook page you can go to and ask.  And if you are local, we are going to actually have a "mini conference". (More info to come).

So today's topic...

I would say I am an eclectic, Charlotte Mason kind of homeschooler.  Let me define.
  • eclectic--this is a catch-all designation for families that borrow useful elements from several different approaches. Eclectic homeschoolers choose what seems appropriate for each child, and what fits best with a particular child's interests and abilities.
  • Charlotte Mason--using "living" books, not textbooks, and drawing heavily on nature.
The information above came from

I love the nature part of Charlotte Mason and where we live and having boys that love the outdoors, we just fell into that style.  Most of my homeschooling friends are more literature based and history based so at first I thought we were doing something wrong because we were more science/nature based.  I wish I would have know about Charlotte when my older two were younger.  

I say eclectic because I am not solidly Charlotte Mason.  I don't use one set curriculum or one style.  And I think that I am a pretty eclectic person.

The one thing about CM is that you will not feel like you are having school because you don't use worksheets for anything other than math.  Most of it all hands on and fun.

The stuff that I use comes from Queen Homeschool.  She has curriculum that caters to the Charlotte Mason style of schooling and is very approachable if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks for posting the facebook page! I am constantly amazed at the science your kid know. When your youngest was four, he took me to his 'lab' in the basement and showed me his bugs and then looked them up in the reference books for me!