Thursday, April 4, 2013

How do I organize my Day?

It's hard to say how I organize my day.  I have a beautiful schedule that is typed up and printed out so neatly.  Do I follow that schedule?  Hardly ever.  Do I wish I had the discipline to follow that schedule?  You better believe it.

Organization.  I am the queen of organizing stuff, but time, that's another story.  I used to write down times that things needed to start but without fail, I would go over or finish early and I figured out I am an all or nothing kinda gal.  So, after talking to a friend a few years ago, I now just do what needs to be done in the order it needs to be done in.  So my day is organized by a to do list. And that list looks something like this.

  • Alarm goes off at 4:45 am.  I hit the snooze button until 5:00.
  • Fix Scott's breakfast and pack his lunch.  Have my first cup of coffee.  Let the dogs out and feed the cats.
  • I usually go back to bed after he leaves.  I shouldn't, but I don't go to bed until sometimes after 1:00 am.  I don't know why, I have always been that way.  But I don't function so well on 4 hours of sleep.  There are some days where I have an exceptional amount of energy and I get my day started early.  I love those days.
  • I get back up around 9:00 and my day really begins.
  • I usually take a tour around the house straightening up things.  I make my bed, get the laundry to the basement, and the dirty dishes loaded.  Usually I am on the phone while doing this.  So I guess I am multitasking. 
  • Seth usually rolls down the stairs around 10:00 and I fix his breakfast and we get started with his day.
  • I like to have school done with him before I get to involved in my "chores" because I hate to stop cleaning right in the middle of a good run and cleaning can wait if school runs over.
  • Brody does his school on his own.  He may get it started right away but usually he is "working" in the garage on his bike.  He is getting geared up for race season.
  • After school, I will work on the Motivated Moms schedule and do as much of it as I can in one day.  Sometimes I can whip out the whole week in one day, which means all the cleaning is done and I now can do whatever I want.
  • I try to be in the shower, no matter what, by 2:30 because Scott gets home from work by 3:30.
  • I try to also make sure I do a load of laundry every day because I hate marathon laundry days.
  • I also try not to run a whole lot during the week because I feel like I should be at home.  I have things that I need to get done here and running keeps me from my "job".  Don't get me wrong.  I have said before that I love a play date.  But that never keeps me from what I am supposed to be doing.
  • We don't have a school room.  We use the dining room table and the living room couch.  I do have a shelf under the bar that I keep the school books that we are working on in. 
If you were to ask me what one thing helped me to keep my days organized.  I would say there are four things.
  1. Motivated Moms  
  2. A daily planner of some sort.  I use these.
  3. The book, Large Family Logistics.  I don't have a large family, but she has some really good ideas.
  4. Menu Planning. Emeals works for me because they also give you the grocery list.
So that is how my day is organized.

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