Friday, March 22, 2013

Follow-up Friday

This week went really fast but really slow.  The play date fell through because of illness in some of the people coming so I spent that day, okay truthfully, I've spent the whole week getting things finished up for the craft show.  My house shows it but no one is complaining so it must not be as bad as I think.  Through my eyes, we should be on an episode of hoarders because of the piles and random stuff laying everywhere and the bathrooms look like gas station bathrooms, you know, the ones you have to ask for the key before you can use it.  Anyway, next week I am going to focus on getting this house back in order.

Speaking of getting the house back in order...I read this post from orgjunkie about spring cleaning and I think that sometimes my house needs more of an organizing than a deep cleaning, because in reality, I clean all the time.  Ask my friends.  Growing up, my mom spring cleaned, but we had a wood/coal burning stove to heat our home and that put out a lot of crud.  We heat with electric/gas.  All I have is just regular ole dust.  And most of that comes from having carpet and big dogs and neither are leaving any time soon.  So all that to say, I am not spring cleaning this year!  I am not wasting every month to deep clean a certain area of my house!  I am just going to follow my motivated moms schedule and my house will always meet my approval.  (I will update my goals later in this area.)

I'm not sure what happened to me this week.  I had a great menu but I didn't fix one thing from it.  I cooked. I actually had really good meals but for some odd reason, I felt rebellious.  Oh well, I am allowed to do that.  I am the one that made the menu, I am the one who can break the menu.

So, I'm off here for now.  I need to get to the bank and get a bunch of change for the craft show and head to co-op.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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