Thursday, January 31, 2013

February's Organization/Cleaning Schedule

There are 28 days in the month of February.  I didn't have to tell you that but just in case you were wondering, we have a short month to get things done.  So I thought maybe if I put up a schedule it would be easier for me to follow.

So here it goes:

Week 1 (February 4-9):  Kitchen.  Wipe down cabinets, walls, trim and organize cabinets.  Clean fridge and oven and all small appliances.  Clean light fixtures. "Hands and knees" scrub the floor.

Week 2 (February 11-16):  Bathroom and Dining Room.  I know, what a weird combo but they are both small and don't really require a lot of work.  Wipe down and dust out China Hutch.  Wipe down walls, trim and clean windows.  Organize school stuff that isn't being used.  Clean the bathroom vanity out and wipe down walls and trim.  Wash shower curtain.  And of course, clean the toilet and shower.  Clean light fixtures.    "Hands and knees" scrub the floor.

Week 3 (February 18-23):  Office.  What a mess this gets every day!  It is the first room we walk into which means it is the room that "catches" everything.  Make better use of closet space.  File, file, file!  Make sure everything is where it is supposed to be.  Wipe down walls and trim, clean window and door.  Clean light fixtures.  "Hands and knees" scrub the floor.

Week 4  (February 25-28):  Living Room.  Clean out buffet.  Wipe down walls and trim.  Have boys clean out their baskets and put stuff away.  Clean windows.  Vacuum furniture and spot clean it.  Wash throw blankets.  Shampoo carpet.

Hopefully I'll be done by the end of the month.  It seems like a lot to do when I write it down.  The thing is this, whatever doesn't get deep cleaned this month will get it again in a few months since I am on a rotating deep clean schedule this year.  The goal is, once you get one area clean, keep it that way, always leave the room in "ready" position.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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