Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 2013 Goal--Basement

I did it!  I finished the basement and I have a couple of days to spare.

Here are some before and after pics.

Yes, I can finally use the treadmill and bowflex.  You can't really see the treadmill but it is back there by the wall.  I guess I have no excuses now.  And now the shelf has all my Christmas decor on it so I don't have to sort through big plastic boxes to find stuff.  This is my workout section of the basement.

This the boys work out side of the basement.  They still have the weight bench and now all the weights are under the stairs (you can"t see them in this pic).  My laundry folding table is still there but now cleaned up so I can actually fold clothes on it.


I already cleaned these two areas before I took pictures.  Sorry.  But they typically look pretty good because they are used every day and get cleaned up.  Seth is in the "family room" and the other pic is the dogs room.  The upright freezer will be leaving soon.  It goes to my dad.

There are 5 boxes of books to sell at the homeschool conference.  There are 2 boxes of stuff to go back to my grandmother.  There are 2 boxes of stuff for a friend.  There is 1 box of trash.  And 2 boxes of goodwill stuff.  I think I am going to get rid of most of this before I start on the first floor.

The basement won't get another deep cleaning until April.  Hopefully it won't really need much but the carpet shampooed.  

Hope you are enjoying your cleaning and organizing.  Get ready for February.  My deep cleaning goal is my kitchen, dining room, office, living room and boys bathroom.  I may post before and after pics because I didn't post pics after I painted.  One step closer to not spring cleaning this year.  Love it.

Until next time, stay blessed.


  1. good job!!! you may want to save some of you goodwill stuff for my swap (like 10 items). I am thinking of having it in March. :)

  2. Awesome! I was going to start on my closet this week, but I have been SICK! I will start as soon as I am able. So ready to clean it out. Thanks for the inspiration!