Monday, December 31, 2012

Motivated Monday

Happy New Year's Eve!

Scott will be home from work for a couple more days so I am still on vacation myself.  I enjoy when he is home but I don't get anything done other than hanging out with him.  (I'm not complaining.)

Anyway, I need to light a fire under my own butt because my house is starting to look like I am a college kid waiting for my mom to come and clean for me.

I am not starting school back yet because our Christmas visits aren't finished yet.  So school won't start until next week.

So here it is:


  • I am going to try to clean the public areas of my house and the bathrooms
  • Take the Christmas tree down and put decorations away
  • Hopefully a trip to the grocery store is in the plans (I am almost out of coffee creamer)
  • On the menu for tonight-Spinach and Cheese Manicotti
  • Maybe I'll have time to clean the bedrooms 
  • It will be the first day of a New Year so I'll need to start on those New Year's resolutions
  • One resolution was to follow more closely the Motivated Moms schedule, so I will be cleaning my bedroom closet
  • On the menu for tonight-Roasted Tenderloin with peach salsa
  • I may have a coffee date with a friend
  • Organize the freezer in my kitchen
  • On the menu for tonight-Crock pot chicken cordon bleu
  • Clean my basement
  • Clean out the microwave
  • Mop the floors
  • On the menu for tonight- Chicken tortilla soup
  • THESIS starts back 
  • On the menu for tonight-baked chicken fingers
Saturday-Christmas with my in-laws
Sunday-Church and naps

*I didn't list laundry and devotions and all those other things that I do daily, because I do those daily and I get bored typing them in every week.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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