Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eat from My Pantry Challenge Fall 2012

I am sorry I haven't posted anything this week, but I got back from a wonderfully, relaxing mini vacation with my husband on Tuesday and he decided to take the rest of the week off, so I have been running with him.  Since I have a few minutes I thought I would let you know more about this pantry challenge thing with Charli at wvurbanhippie.  She will be a stickler to this plan because, just between us, I think she is more disciplined than I am and she is more creative at meal planning, but don't tell her I told you.

So you ask "why are doing this?"  Well, the answer is this...I think I am a food hoarder and I need to clean out some stuff to make room for a new hoard of food.  And I would like to free up some money for Christmas.  Sometimes I wish Santa really did exist.  Could you imagine how much easier shopping would be?  Just send your list to Santa and put out some cookies and milk and "bam" he shows up with gift wrapped gifts.  Anyway...I will keep you posted on how things go.  We have set a few rules, one of which is we can only spend $40 a week on whatever it will take to run our household.  Yes, that means dog food and snacks.  I think I am going to take the $160 and see what I can do instead of breaking it down weekly.  We may be without by the end of the month.  I think I might have to shop alone to make this work.  I probably won't post a menu because I am not that planned.  I would rather wait and search through everything to find something to eat.

If you would like to join us on this challenge it isn't too late.  We are going to end this on November 16.  But if you do join, keep me posted on your progress or lack there of.

Until next time, stay blessed.


  1. Why is it that nothing gets done when husbands are home? I'm in the same boat here. Ronnie's off this week and my plans are out the door. Just a suggestion, I might at least divide the money into $80/2 weeks. Otherwise there's a good chance your going to be hungry in four weeks.....
    I know I would be.

  2. I would leave at least $20 per week for fresh need to stay healthy and fresh is best.