Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Play Dates

No this isn't about the importance of scheduling play dates for your teens.  They are old enough to do that themselves.  This is the importance of continuing the play dates for yourself.

When my boys were young most of my friends at that time had only girls.  It was okay because they all played together and had a blast while we talked and drank coffee and had our time with adults.  And if you have younger kids you know what I mean about adult time.  Years later our kids concluded that boys and girls don't play together because the other is gross and has cooties.  So we, the adults, kinda quit hanging out.  And once the boys got old enough to drive and do the things they wanted to do, I went into hibernation.  Not because I was depressed but because I had lost some of my connections.

It seems that we hang out with people because our kids have something in common and then we realize that we have something in common other than our children, maybe a hobby or something like that, then when our kids go their separate ways we part too.  How sad.  I miss some of those old friends and recently we have been reconnecting.  It is nice to pick up where you left off.  Don't get me wrong,  I have other friends that I do things with on a regular basis.  Really, my social life is awesome.  My point is, don't disconnect because your kids have.  You need someone to be accountable to.  Another mom who may be going through the same things you are.  If you stay locked up in your own world, Satan can have a hay day with your mind and before you know it you are depressed and feel unloved and all those other negative feelings.  You are not alone, you are never alone.  First off, Jesus is always right there beside you, you have the Holy Spirit living in you and God, your Father, sitting on the throne.  Secondly, there is nothing that you are or will be going through that someone else hasn't.  So reach out, be accountable, be transparent.  I know it's scary, but it feels pretty good to know that you don't have to fight alone.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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