Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do As I Do, Not As I Did

My worst fear is that my boys will make the same mistakes I did.  Now that is my flesh screaming.  Yes, I know that they are saved and that I need to rely on God's grace, mercy and forgiveness for them.  And I know that I can not shelter them from all the world has to offer.

Growing up, I was the teen that wanted to know "why".  It wasn't good enough for me not to do something because  "that's what God wants or that's what the bible says".  Don't get me wrong, I became a christian very young and really wanted to please God but I also wanted to know the consequences of the "do nots".  And because my parents didn't tell me what the consequences were I decided to find out on my own.  Thus the reason I am very transparent with my boys.  They know that I broke the "rules" when I was growing up.  They know that I smoked in the boys room, and partied when the opportunity presented itself and was promiscuous.  Of course they don't know the gory details of some things because it is private and isn't something that you discuss with your teen son.  There are things also that wouldn't pertain to them but given the chance to help a young girl by telling my story, I will gladly do it.  We don't make mistakes and bring them under the blood and walk through the consequences to the other side just to keep things to ourselves.  We have to share God's mercy and grace and forgiveness.  We can't walk around like we have lived a perfect life and are still perfect.  We have no credibility if we do that and our kids aren't going to want to listen to us if they don't think they can live up to our expectations.  I have been very clear on the "whys" and the "why nots".  Do I think they wont try to figure it out on their own?  No, I know they will.  But at least they know that they can be forgiven and that they can talk to me or Scott if they need to.  I read somewhere the other day that we need to show our kids grace and not shame.  I like that.  God doesn't show us shame, He is full of grace and we should reflect that.  Sometimes I know I don't reflect it enough.

So that being said.  Do as I do, not as I did is my prayer for my boys.
I do....
Love Jesus with all my heart.
Want to serve others, even when it hurts.
Show kindness and love to those that aren't kind and loving.
Want to be a friend.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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