Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get Your Aprons On Part 5

We are almost done spring cleaning!  Just a few more weeks to go.

Here is this weeks schedule:
Day 1--Bedrooms:  Clean and organize shelves.  Shine wood furniture.
Day 2--Bedrooms:  Clean out and organize closets.
Day 3--Bathrooms:  Clean out, purge, and organize medicine cabinet/closet.  Update first aid kit.
Day 4--Bathrooms:  Wash mirrors and insides of windows.  Wash window treatments and walls.  Dust ceilings.

1.  We will be working on finding our cleaning style, but you have to have the book to find that out.
2.  Do a study on the words "self-discipline" and "joy" in the bible.
3.  Take an honest appraisal of your time.
I really like these Mary challenges.  I've discovered that my problem, most of the time, with just about everything,  is laziness and lack of self-discipline, so these lessons are right up my alley.

Don't get discouraged in your cleaning.  Right now I know things might be looking worse than when you started but trust me, they will get better.  Soon, everything will put back where it belongs and you can sit down and enjoy your beautiful, clean home.

Check in with Charli at wvurbanhippie and see how she is doing.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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