Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get Your Aprons On Part 2

It's time for week two of 31 Days to Clean.  On this weeks schedule is:

Day 1:  Kitchen- Wash window treatments and/or blinds. Wash inside of windows.
Day 2:  Kitchen- Clean out and organize all cabinets.
Day 3:  Kitchen- Clean out and organize pantry.
Day 4:  Kitchen-  Clean out and organize drawers.

If you have the book you will know what I am talking about next.  The above are called Martha challenges, below I will talk about some of the Mary challenges from last week.

I would really recommend that you buy the book so you can get the most of the Mary challenges.

We were to write a mission statement as to why we want a clean home.

My Mission Statement:

I want my home to be clean to serve God, by being a good steward of what He has blessed me with, to serve my family, by having everything in its place so there is more time for fun and hobbies, and to serve others, by having a place for visitors to come and enjoy themselves and feel refreshed and inspired. I want my home to be lived in though and not to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

We were encouraged to make our domain come alive.  I decided that I should use the gifts and talents that God has given me to make my domain come alive.  I could make pretty throw pillows that are fluffy and soft so people feel really comfortable when they are relaxing.  I could cook healthy yummy meals for my family and add some really good desserts here and there.  I could bless my friends and family with small gifts of the things that I make.  We learned that our domain was really our area of influence.  So speaking kind uplifting words to those around me bring life.  Yes, even the cashier at Walmart is in my area of influence because every where you go you influence people.

So anyway, stay focused and keep busy.  Before to long it will be finished and you can sit back and enjoy.

Again, I will be posting before and after pictures later.

Have a very blessed week.


  1. Love it! We do set the tone for our homes.

  2. Thanks! I have been reading about our spheres of influence. How often do we overlook the home and think we have to go out into the world to do it?