Friday, April 20, 2012

Organization Ramblings

I feel like I am a pretty organized person.  At least with my stuff, my time, well that is a whole other post.  Anyway, if you know me, all I do is organize and then reorganize and then reorganize the reorganized.  No, I'm not OCD, it's just what I like to do.  Since I've been spring cleaning, I have noticed that my organization could use some tweaking.

Over the last several months I have been reading books on, you can probably guess it.  In one of the books, and I can't remember which one, the author said to go through you home and assign a purpose to every room.  I have never thought of that.  I would put stuff in pretty little baskets or ginormous rubber maid containers wherever they would fit or look good.  For example, if I wanted to sew something I would have to go to my basement and move a few boxes to get to the tub that had my fabric, pull it out, pick something, then go up two sets of stairs to my bedroom, dig out my sewing machine that is buried in the back of my closet, set it up and then get started.  Well, by the time I did all of that, I really didn't feel like creating anything anymore.  I sew in bedroom, and if you look back on a previous post, I have a nice sewing table, which means ALL of my sewing stuff needs to be in my bedroom.  I like to make jewelry also and the sewing table is a nice surface to work on, so all of my beads and everything need to be in my room.  So you get the picture.  If the stuff for the purpose doesn't fit in the space then I need to do one of two things, I need to weed out some stuff or find another room.

I am also collecting patterns and recipes for diy things.  Right now I have them in a big 3-ring binder so if I want to find something it will take a while.  I am in the process of putting like things in separate folders or binders.

So, long story short.  I am organized.  I'm just not micro-organized and it feels really good to be getting there.  I don't think I will need counseling for this pattern but you might after read this post of rambling.

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  1. You are funny, Tracey! I can just hear you saying these things. :) That is true, to make each room have a purpose, even if it isn't the original purpose for a room when it was built. Basically, use your house the way it fits you and your family. (I think I read that same book!) Good post!

    And I love your background--so springy!