Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Been a While!!!!

I can't believe it's been so long since I last put my random thoughts on here.  Where has the time gone? Where I have gone?  What's the deal?

I could say that I have been busy but that really isn't true.  I haven't been doing anything any different, until recently, than before.  If any thing, I have had more time.

I would love to say I have been traveling the world and places were so remote sometimes that I didn't have internet and I was teaching the natives about God and just couldn't let anyone know where I was because it was top secret.  But that would be a really big lie...I've never even been on a plane, other than those little flights they give kids for free, when I was a kid.  And that one time I was in my uncle's little plane.  (That doesn't count).

So the deal is...I have been lazy in my writing.  I have spent all this time listening to Satan tell me that what I have to say isn't important.  That when I am open about my struggles I get myself in trouble because people don't want to hear all that and when they do they look at me different because no Christian would ever act the way I do.  But you know what?  The only way that people know what God can do in the middle of some trying times, of times when I fly of the handle and cause all sorts of problems for myself, is for me to be transparent and let you know that I am only human and learning until my race is over and I am looking Jesus in the face.

This has been a time of learning to forgive myself and move on from mistakes and to forgive others without holding a grudge.  Let God take care of the problem.  Yes, there may be consequences but God's grace is sufficient.

Until next time, stay blessed!

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  1. I am excited that you are blogging again!! Your down to earth style has always been an encouragement to me! Keep listening to Jesus!! Write, write, write!!