Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivated Monday

Can you believe April is almost over?  What is happening to time?  I must be having fun is all I can say.

This week I am going to do what I always do.  I will probably have a "meeting" Friday to show off the new math curriculum I ordered.  I will post about it once I start using it.  And as far as any other play dates...who knows.

I think I might use the month of May to do some eating from the pantry/freezer meals because I am on overload.  Which is a blessing, don't get me wrong, but I can't find anything in my freezer, so I need to eat some of it.  I won't post my menus until the end of the week.  I'll just let you know what we had instead of what we are having.  Maybe I'll post a picture of the freezer so you can see what I mean.

And this week marks the beginning of Fit in 42.  You can buy the book at Amazon.  I am doing this 6 week challenge with Charli.  I don't who has lost their mind, her or me.  But the first week we have to give up sugary drinks and desserts.  Doesn't she know that is what I eat and drink all day!  Hopefully Dark Chocolate Almond milk will be acceptable.  Today was the first day I tried it and it's really not that bad.  If you want to join us on the crazy adventure click here and like.

I've been spending the weekend helping Scott work at his dads farm so I haven't been getting anything done here on Saturday.  That makes Monday a serious catch-up day on cleaning and laundry.  Hopefully I figure a way to make it work better.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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