Monday, March 11, 2013

Motivated Monday

I know Monday is almost over but I have been really busy today finishing up testing and straightening the house.  This week will be another busy week of running and crafting.  Hopefully April will slow down.  I haven't even sat down and looked at a menu and oddly that is really bothering me, so I won't put any menus down this week.

For the remainder of the week:
  1. Finish hanging planner thingys for the craft show.  If you want to help me name them feel free to comment.  Click here if you forget what they look like.  This one was the prototype.  The others have a bigger file folder pocket and an extra pocket for a jr. legal pad.
  2. Make some jewelry for the craft show.
  3. Start gathering stuff for presentation on my craft table.
  4. Do as much cleaning as I have time to do.  Maybe even tackle the den closet and make it more efficient.
  5. School on the days we are home.
  6. Blog meeting with Blog Buddies.
  7. Home school co-op.
Right now that looks like all that I have planned but who knows, something may come up.

Until next time, stay blessed.


  1. Busy! Busy!! Sounds like fun stuff tho, especially your Blog Buddies Meeting (ha ha!). Don't sweat it if you don't get your cleaning down like you usually do, or if school isn't flexible with yourself and allow yourself some grace. This isn't the norm and remember that after this craft thing life will go back into routine. I'd say even splurge and do easy dinners this week and next...crock meals, pizza, chinese.... :)

  2. I think something simple like, Home Organization System or Hanging Home Organizer would work just fine.

    Sounds like a busy week.