Friday, November 2, 2012

Follow up Friday--Pantry Challenge Update

So this week I was going to work on decluttering, which I did.  I got through the cabinets in my kitchen and office and my stuff in the bedroom and my bathroom.  I got a garbage bag of trash and maybe a wheel barrow full of giveaway stuff (no, I did not put the stuff in a wheel barrow, it's just a visual).  Go me!!!

As far as the pantry challenge goes...I am doing okay.  I took Charli's advice and didn't spend all my money at once but I'm still not doing great.  Me and the boys have eaten out a couple times because I really didn't feel like cooking since Scott is working.  I will do better, just a little inconvenience of convenience.  I only have $62 left but I think I can do it, I only have 5 things to pick up today.   And thank you Susie for the advice, I have been craving a big ole salad.

Don't forget to check out how Charli is doing.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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