Friday, August 17, 2012

Follow-up Friday

I will try to get back into a routine, such as getting up early and all the "good" stuff that goes with home schooling since we start school next week.

Of course, all the unmet goals of the previous weeks will still be in the back of my mind, but I'm tired of posting them and not meeting them.   I will let you know when something groundbreaking takes place.  (This is not me giving up).

Scott has mentioned going to the state fair one day this week, so we will see how much I get done. We didn't go because we got really busy around here.  Maybe next year.


  • CHECK--Play the catch up game and clean my house.  After being on the phone making sure a payment was made and not a scammer pulling their stuff, I finally was able to do some cleaning.  I only got my bedroom and bathroom done today, But it was really dusty due to the drywall dust.  
  • CHECK--Laundry
  • CHECK--Motivated Moms checklist
  • CHECK--THESIS registration, pretty much all day
  • CHECK--Laundry
  • CHECK--Put something in the crock pot
  • CHECK-- Motivated Moms checklist
  • CHECK-- Laundry
  • CHECK-- Motivated Moms checklist
  • CHECK-- Laundry
  • Swim/study
  • Put something in the crock pot
  • CHECK-- Motivated Moms checklist
  • CHECK-- Laundry
Until next time, stay blessed.

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