Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who are you and what have you done with my little boy...

It has happened already twice and I am dreading when it happens the third time.  When he hits about 12 and the hormones start raging and all the sudden my little boy, who wanted to hang out with me and talked to me about everything now is completely shut off and the only word he knows is (shoulders shrugging while speaking this) "umph".  I hate that word!  What happened to "hey mom, wanna take a walk with me" or "do you want to help me clean out my closet".  Now all I get is a shoulder shrug.  I don't remember being like this when I was a teen but then again,  that was a long time ago.

It happened a little when they were younger.  When it was cooler to hang out with dad and work in the yard or on a vehicle or go hunting.  But at least they were with one of us.  Now they are with the phone, texting everyone but not telling me anything about their life.  "Oh no!  They are probably doing something illegal or immoral."  Yes, I over react in my mind.  I should pray but I'm too worried for that.  So I will spend the next several years sending out SOS prayers and worried that my kids are going to rob a bank and smoke weed and get someone pregnant.  I know, a little far fetched, but...

Anyway, it gets better.  It only lasted about 2-3 years and eventually I was "mom" again.  They still had a voice, a bit deeper, but it was still there.  And now they want to hang out with me again, of course now it is toting me around,  "Driving Miss Tracey".  But I know what is going on in their lives again and the things they struggle with and the dirt on all their friends and even stuff I would rather not know.

I don't want to do this again, but I know I have to go through it with Seth and it is just around the corner.  He is my baby and it will be the hardest, but I will survive.  I have so far anyway...

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