Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scheduling Time

Okay, I know that most of you know that a day won't function to it's potential if you don't have a schedule.  I have been struggling for YEARS to make a schedule that fits my family.  I have read numerous books and blogs about how to make a proper schedule.  (I know, you are thinking it's no-brainer).  Every article says you should break things up into 15 minute or half hour or whatever it "fits" in blocks.  I am not a "block" oriented person.  I don't really like that way of scheduling but everyone says that's how it is to be done, until yesterday....I was told that I am a random scheduler.  This means that I do have a "plan of attack" for every day, it just isn't placed in a "time block".  I do things randomly.  One day we might have school in the morning and do chores in the afternoon.  The next, we may do the exact opposite.  I might clean my house on Monday one week and Thursday the next wee.  It's okay.  I am doing it right.  So if you are struggling with making a schedule that works for your family because you can't seem to do it the way everyone else does just make a page with columns for Monday-Sunday and put on each day what NEEDS to be done and then put what you WANT to get done.  Remember, your families needs come before your wants.  I know, hard pill to swallow, but it's true.

Our homemaking co-op discussed putting together a home management notebook for your family.  If you are interested in how this works you can read Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman.  You don't have to have a large family to incorporate the ideas in her book.  Or, if you are local you can come to our co-op.

A very random thing...I like to make my own jewelry.  I have been doing it for about a year now and I have found that I really enjoy this little hobby.  It all started when some of my friends started selling jewelry.  Well, I went to A.C. Moore this week because they have several of their beading items on sale for a dollar.  My score:  $246 worth of stuff for $63.  I am so excited!

Until next week.  Have a great one! 


  1. Yay, Tracey. Enjoy scheduling your way!

  2. I think you should schedule some time to make me some earrings with your mad bargain hunting skills!