Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chores and more....

We were talking about different ideas about getting your family on board with helping around the house and following a home management notebook.  A friend has chores written out on index cards for each room.  These a very detailed to what needs done daily, weekly and monthly and so on.  She posts them on the wall near the entry of each room so when her children have that room to clean they know exactly what to do.

Well all this talk got me thinking...

Some of us don't have husbands that support the idea of organization or making our kids help out.  Some men have other priorities.  We as women may want a clean, organized house where the kids have a chore to do and we all work together in beautiful harmony and our husband comes home with flowers and breaks out in song.  (okay, life as a musical is what I'm trying to visualize).  But that isn't always reality.  We have to quit comparing our parenting and the way we interact with our husbands with others.  We don't know the whole story and every one is different.  Every husband is different.  Some may like a hot meal on the table as soon as he walks in the door.  Some may want to eat alone because he needs that time to regroup after a bad day.  It's okay.  Maybe you have to clean your house by yourself because no one is willing to help.  Don't think you are doing something wrong because someone else seems to have it all together.

Do everything as unto the Lord and do it with a good heart attitude, even if.....Maybe if we keep a smile on our face and continue doing those things that seem to get overlooked we will one day get the recognition we want from those we are doing it for.  But if we don't, we can at least know that because we had a good attitude and did it because of love that Jesus smiled.  Isn't that what is important anyway, what Jesus thinks of us?  So pray about how God wants you to run your home.  Get ideas from others, but don't take them as the rule.  They may not work for your situation.

I read somewhere that our earthly homes should reflect what we want our heavenly home to look like.  You can take that however you want.

Have a great week.


  1. This is a really good post, Tracey! I think women especially get sucked into that trap of comparing our parenting and our marriages to those of others. The only one we should be holding up as our standard is Christ!

  2. good thoughts Tracey. Very true. Each family and husband is different, and sometimes we think we have to follow this "mold" to have the most efficient home. But what works for your home may not work for mine. That is good to remember. BTW, I found an intercom system, for free! My friend Melissa is giving me hers since her kids are grown! YAY!! :) See ya'll NEXT monday, can't wait! Until then I'm working on my home management notebook!!