Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivated Monday

This week is going to filled with administering tests for a fellow homeschooler so I won't be home a whole lot.  Thankfully and to my surprise, we don't start testing until Tuesday and Scott skipped work again.  I think he missed me since I was stuck in bed all weekend with what I think was the crud from eating some bad chicken.  So I think today we are going to run around.  I don't care if the house gets cleaned to perfection, I just want to spend the day with my man.

So here goes the week:

  • Cleaning (maybe)
  • Spending the day with Scott
  • On the menu:  Individual Chicken Pies
  • Testing 
  • Clean (if I feel like it)
  • On the menu:  Company Chicken
  • Testing
  • It will probably take me all week to clean
  • On the menu:  Blackened Tilapia
  • Testing
  • Finish whatever cleaning is left (I may have the in-laws down for dinner Sunday, so I need to make sure the house looks good.)
  • On the menu:  Beef and Cheese Chimichangas
  • Roller skating  (I may not make it to Saturday)
  • On the menu:  Leftovers or Breakfast or maybe pizza
We are supposed to get some snow, so there may be a snow day in the testing.  Hopefully we don't get any snow.  I'm tired of the cold and snow.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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  1. I'm sorry you were sick with bad chicken. Something similar happened to my house too. Danielle drank some bad milk. She made sure to finish it all, since I'm a stickler for finishing...then I smelled the jug and was like, "Oh honey did you drink this??" and a sick face said, "yessss!!" lol. Hoping you are fully over your bad chicken. :) Have a great week!!