Monday, July 23, 2012

Motivated Monday

I know that most, if not all of you won't be extra excited to read my Monday posts because they will consist of my plans/goals for the week, but this is my way of staying accountable to what I said I was going to do.  You'll be even more excited when Friday comes and you get to see if I actually did those things on my list of things to do.

These aren't going to rock my world because it is still summer and I want to enjoy what little time there is left of it.
---get up at 5:30 and stay up after Scott leaves for work.  I know that doesn't sound hard for some, but I am not a morning person.   Yes, I am awake, but I don't have any motivation to do anything.  Hopefully with a cup pot of coffee, I can find what I need to get things done.

---start counting those dreadful calories again.  I would love to drop a few pounds.

---start exercising daily.  It doesn't have to be anything big, just something.

Today, (Monday):
I am going to a friends house to plan some stuff for our co-op class while my son mows her lawn.  Of course we will be off topic most of the time, but it wouldn't be fun otherwise, right.

When I get home I want to put together some more crock pot freezer meals.  (More on that in another post.)

Used curriculum sale.

Catch up on Motivated Moms list.

Swim/Study.  There are a few of us getting together and doing a bible study using Becoming a Woman of Influence by Carol Kent and afterwards we are swimming.

I want to start putting food in the crock pot during these Thursday outings.  If I get into the habit now it won't be so hard once school starts.  Thursday will then be my errand day.

Not a whole lot going on, like I said it is still summer.  I will probably grocery shop.

Pick up His food ministry food and give the cat worm meds.


Nap (it is your christian obligation you know)

Until next time, stay blessed.

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  1. I honestly just snorted when I saw Saturday! And as for today, we will stay completly on topic. Unless, of course, it's prudent to go off topic.